Family and tradition since 1898

Couvet in Val-de-Travers

The home of absinthe is a green valley in Switzerland’s Jura Mountains – Val-de-Travers. Tucked away in this misty valley, is a small village called Couvet, where absinthe came into being in the 18th century. The village is surrounded by the mystical hills of Jura, which are rocky, but full of clear streams and fragrant herbs. This unique landscape is the home of Green Velvet – Absinthe Originale.

In our distillery, Green Velvet is being distilled according to the traditional method and the original family recipe from the year 1898. Our experience, the long history and the charming Val-de-Travers form the basis of this unique absinthe – Green Velvet.

Green Velvet has the mountain rocks fragrance, the spring water and the herbs of Jura. Enjoy Green Velvet, which combines the traditional handicraft with modern drinking culture.